Mobilizing Votes for Scott

We’re in the final stretch. Tuesday is Election Day. Now more than ever, I need your help!

There is a free, easy way to help out. Plus, I think it will be a lot of fun. I’m calling it: Neighborhood Hellos for Scott.

How to help

Knocks and Calls in Your ‘Hood.

I’ve put together a really fun map. It shows everyone who voted in last year’s city election. You can login to the map and talk to at least 10 people right in your neighborhood. You can knock on their door (they’re only a few houses down!) or call them. If you don’t live in Brookings, you can choose a neighborhood at random and give them a call!

This will help get more people to polls and help you meet your neighbors during this beautifully sunny weekend and Monday before Election Day.

Here’s the specific instructions:

  1. Click here to view the map of Brookings voters. Enter the password: 2001.
  2. Zoom in to your neighborhood. You can double click or click the plus sign to zoom in.
  3. Pick at least 10 people in your neighborhood to talk with. Every pin has the person’s name, phone number and address. Give them a knock or a phone call. If they’re not home, leave a voicemail.
  4. When you talk to them, you can use the script below to encourage them to vote and hopefully to vote for Scott.

What to Say

As you talk to potential voters, here is a script you can use as a starting point.


Hello! I’m [your name] (if you’re from outside of Brookings you could add: calling all the way from [your location]) calling/visiting on behalf of Scott Meyer who is running for the City Council. Are you planning to vote this Tuesday?

First Answer

[Option 1] No? That’s fine. There is still time. Could I tell you about Scott Meyer? I think he would be best for Brookings.

[Option 2] Yes? Great! Do you know who you are voting for?

(If voting for Scott) Great! I’m glad to hear it. His idea for attracting and retaining talent and growing the amenities and diversity of Brookings will make our community great.

(If voting for someone else) There are a lot of great candidates in the race this year. Do you know much about Scott Meyer? I would love to tell you a little bit if you have 30 seconds?

About Scott

Scott is a Brookings native with big ideas for the community. He is most excited about:

  • Attracting and retaining talent in Brookings
  • Encouraging openness and diversity
  • Developing amenities and keeping Brookings unique

He’s a young entrepreneur with fresh ideas and energy for the community. I especially like his idea to (choose an idea):

  • use downtown alleyways for new retail spaces
  • expand bike lanes in the community
  • encourage women and people of color to take leadership roles in the community
  • provide community resources in multiple languages to welcome international residents and guests
  • create an arts and entrepreneurship district to promote public art, small start-up businesses and local events

I know Scott would be great for Brookings and hope you will vote for him on Tuesday.

Yes We Can

In an election that typically has fewer than 2000 voters, your help makes all the difference. If you are able to talk to 10 households with two voters each, you are speaking with 1% of the entire voting population. You have so much power!

Let’s use that power for good by encouraging them to vote (most importantly). Ideally, for Scott!

Thank you for the help and for making Brookings great!

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