Let’s try something.

Let’s try to have a city government that is over-the-top transparent and open to new ideas. Leaders who are responsive to input from the community and leading with legislation.

Let’s try to share our thoughts before they are formed and polished, so our ideas can be nurtured and spread to places beyond our own backyard.

Let’s trust that public comments, contact forms and the virtual public square can be more than SPAM factories and actually be a place of conversation and community.

Most importantly, let’s try to build something. Let’s try to build a community that we want to be a part of.


Brookings is blessed with open-minded, thoughtful leaders. I am honored to now work alongside them. Let’s continue to improve our transparency, information-sharing and public input. I think this website can do this can play a small part in doing this.

If you’d like to help and join the conversation, subscribe, leave a comment, contact me or come back now and then to see what’s happening at Brookings City Council, inside my head and throughout my beloved community of Brookings.

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